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Cytotec is a very popular drug. It is popular for many reasons but one of the major reasons lay in its ability to reduce stomach acid. But while these drugs are popular, it may not be easy for individuals to buy these drugs at regular pharmacy if they don’t have a prescription from the doctor. But one can always buy Cytotec online or at a Canadian online pharmacy with or without a prescription from the doctor.

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Drug Description

Misoprostol is one of those medications that are capable of reducing stomach acid. Misoprostol is sold under its brand name – Cytotec. Cytotec oral tablets are made up of either 100 mcg or 100 mcg of misoprostol. Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog.

Where to Buy Cytotec?

People can buy cytotec online or through a Canadian online pharmacy. Buying these drugs online yields a lot of benefits compared to regular shopping. You can simply type the words “misoprostol” or “cytotec” in Google’s search box and find lots of different places to buy the drug. These drugs can be bought online with or without a doctor's prescription. But while these drugs can easily be bought online, it is not entirely without warning.


Cytotec must not be utilized to reduce the risks of NSAID-induced ulcers within childbearing women unless they are at risk of acquiring gastric ulcers linked to the use of NSAID or have high risks of getting gastric ulceration. For these women, Cytotec can be administered if they:

• Had a negative serum pregnancy test 2 weeks before therapy.
• Can comply with the recommended contraceptive methods.
• Have received both written and oral warnings of the different risks like having a possible contraception failure, the danger it may cause to other childbearing women if the drug was taken by accident, and other hazards of misoprostol.
• Are taking Cytotec only at the second day during the next menstrual period.

Dosage and Administration

200 mcg for four times a day with food is the ideal oral dose of Cytotec for adults to reduce the risk of having NSAID-induced gastric ulcers. If the dose can’t be tolerated, 100 mcg would suffice. Cytotec must be taken through the NSAID therapy period as recommended by the physicians. It must not be taken with the meal and the final dose for the day must be taken during bedtime. Adjustments in the dosing time for renally impaired patients isn’t necessary although the dosage may be reduced to 200 mcg when it can no longer be tolerated.

Are there side effects of misoprostol?

Yes there are but these can be minimized with the application of effective countermeasures. Misoprostol may lead to stomach cramps, moderate diarrhea and nausea. Such problems generally occur in the first weeks of administration and disappear after a week. Diarrhea can be prevented if you take misoprostol with food. Call your physician if the symptoms persist longer than 8 days or become worse. You must not take such symptoms for granted even if you want to continue taking the drug. You should stop taking misoprostol and opt for medical attention the moment you experience allergic reactions like:

• Closing of one’s throat
• Difficulty in breathing
• Swelling of one’s lips, tongue, or face